Fresh, elegant and effortless. Eleonore’s designs are magnificent in their simplicity; perfectly cut and carefully embellished with lace and embroidered silks to create fashion forward silhouettes with a timeless quality.

A masterclass in the art of balance, plunging necklines and low backs are paired with long sleeves and free flowing skirts in delicate silks to create a feeling of graceful sensuality.

Price range: £2900 – £3200

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In Eleonore's words

How would you describe this season’s collection?

I would describe this new collection as an ode to freedom. Women’s freedom, freedom of wearing light clothes. The freedom of bodies in their movement. The freedom to dance and party in dresses that allow a certain fluidity. For me it is important to be able to feel free with your body especially on your wedding day. Each piece of this collection allow the bride to feel beautiful without having to think about it. The dresses come to them as a second skin and their mind are fully in the celebration.


What was the inspiration?

Lately I have been spending a lot of time in Lanzarote which inspired me a lot. The art of Cesar Manrique, the house he lived in and celebrated a lot; the expression of liberty that these walls sheltered. The old photographs that still remains inside this volcanic house and make us want to be there back in the time. I also was inspired by 70s romantic fashion. I love the way people used to think about life as something simple. I love the romance fashion is making us dream about. It is a mindset of a whole generation that I want to keep alive.

Do you have a favourite dress this year?

I must admit my favorite dress this year is the Janis dress. It is my dare-to-wear one. I know not many woman would probably pick it but I would say it’s the masterpiece of this collection. I see it as the piece a free minded woman would fell in love with and for whom getting blessed and married in it would be an evidence. I can’t wait to see the beauties that would make Janis alive.

How would you style them?

I would style the Janis dress with a messy low bun, big earrings and a very short but bulky veil 

What is the quintessential Eleonore bride?

The bride that is feeling powerful in her gown

If you could pick one woman to style, who would it be?

f I could pick one woman to style that will be Lou Doillon

Best kept parisian secret?


Notting Hill


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