Ready-to-wear designs made in Paris formed by Charlotte and Juliette. Impeccable cuts, clean lines, materials sometimes from clearance sales of major French fashion houses, Uni Paris offers a wardrobe of joyful pieces, easy to wear and made for dancing.

Price range: £800 – £1500

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In Uni Paris' words

How would you describe this season’s collection?

Less is more, from creation to the artistic direction of the brand, we aim to emphasize lines and the purity of volume. Keeping it simple, yet anything but plain, this motto drives us in each of our collections.

Do you have a favourite dress this year?

Our favorite look isn’t a dress, it’s a suit that’s become a brand timeless. It embodies a symbol of confidence and freedom, which we find incredibly sexy.

How would you style it?

With nothing under, messy hair, and a red lipstick of course.

What is the quintessential Uni Paris bride?

For us, the modern bride is above all, well in body and spirit. Fully liberated, she no longer tries to conform to traditional dress codes, but seeks to create her own.

If you could pick one woman to style, who would it be?

Impossible, we have many muses! So many women from 50’s to today. Jane Birkin, Camille Cottin, Margot Robbie…

Best kept parisian secret?

Be yourself 😉 but at least I think it’s not a secret… and it’s not only Parisian

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