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de Guise

From designer Chloé Jaouën, Mademoiselle de Guise’s dresses are both fluid and structured. Crepe, tulle, chiffon and lace meet to create liberating, urban romanticism.

Price range: £2700 – £3800

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In Mademoiselle de Guise's words

How would you describe this season’s collection?

This year marks my tenth wedding dress collection. For this special occasion, I’ve designed more looks, experimenting with new textures and patterns. Legs take the spotlight with bold and feminine slits, backs are often bare, and the silhouettes are sensual and confident.

What was the inspiration?

The 2024 collection is called Fil Rouge, named after the eponymous legend, and in which I became interested after seeing the very poetic film Your Name. As a tribute, each piece bears a Japanese name.

Do you have a favourite dress this year?

This year, my favorite is probably Sawa. It embodies the brand’s codes all on her own: retro with its cut, modern with its embroidered silk chiffon, and sensual with the slit that reveals the leg.
How would you style it?
I would go for a low, soft, and very romantic bun to enhance and highlight the neckline. I would accessorize it with daring earrings to draw all attention towards the bride’s face.

What is the quintessential Mademoiselle de Guise bride?

The perfect bride is free, natural, elegant and glamorous. She is feminine and bold. She knows what she wants even though sometimes she doubts. 

Our collections also speak to women who love high-end and qualitative fabrics, thorough work and traditional craftsmanship.

If you could pick one woman to style, who would it be?

Charlotte Le Bon, please come see us!! Do you know Charlotte? She is an actress that I love for so many different reasons but probably mostly for her one-of-a-kind sense of humour. She has everything for her and it’s almost like she doesn’t know it, you know ? The Mademoiselle de Guise spirit for sure.

Best kept parisian secret?

The rooftop on which we shot our first and last collection. It’s a hidden spot. Far from the crowded other ones. You land on it after an unusual elevator ride, it’s genuine and free of anyone. A place on which I love to share a beer with special friends. You want to know where it is right? Well … I can’t tell you, it’s my best kept Parisian secret!

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