Fiercely feminine – these dresses stand out for all the right reasons. Sheer lace details and clean geometric lines provide the balance that give all of Rime’s dresses the ‘rock n’ roll’ edge. It’s unashamedly sexy, but still has the feel of Parisienne chic. Rime’s dresses are for brides looking to ‘break the mould’.

Price range: £2000 – £5000

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In Rime's words

How would you describe this season’s collection?

“Astral” – a tribute to the timeless romance of the celestial realm and the soulmates who find their destinies intertwined among the stars. 1. Heavenly Craftsmanship: Every gown, every stitch speaks of the constellations, of the mysteries beyond our mortal realm, echoing the grandeur of galaxies and the whispered tales of comets. 2. Celestial Symphony: The designs are not mere fabrics but resonances of cosmic ballets. They shine, shimmer, and resonate with the ethereal dance of celestial bodies. 3. Soulmate Serenades: We believe every soul is bound to another, tethered by invisible threads across the cosmos. This collection is an ode to these fateful unions, destined to dance amidst the stars. 4. Ethereal Elegance: Dive into silhouettes that echo the graceful curves of celestial paths, fabrics that shimmer like starlit skies, and embroideries that map destinies and dreams. 5. Infinite Inspiration: Drawing from the boundless mysteries of the universe, we have endeavored to capture its magnificence, its vastness, and its poetic charm. 6. A Journey Beyond: “Astral” is more than a collection; it’s an experience, a voyage. A journey through starry nights, a meeting of souls, and a celebration of destinies written in starlight. 7. Embrace the Cosmos: As our brides wear “Astral”, they don’t just wear a dress. You adorn yourself with the universe, with dreams woven in starlight, and with the age-old tales of love that the cosmos whispers in the quiet of the night. To every bride who believes that her love story is written in the stars, who feels the pull of the universe when meeting her soulmate, who dreams in shades of night skies and stardust – “Astral” is for you. In every fold, in every shimmer, find the echo of the cosmos. Embrace your celestial destiny. Become a part of the grand cosmic ballet.

What was the inspiration?

Amidst the vast expanse of the cosmos, a whisper emerges, woven in starlight and bathed in dreams. Rime Arodaky, drawing from the ethereal dance of celestial bodies, unveils “Astral” – a collection inspired by the mysteries of the universe and the spiritual realms beyond our sight. Gaze upon gowns that shimmer like constellations, patterns that trace the trajectories of comets, and silhouettes that echo the graceful curves of galaxies. Each piece, a love letter to the heavens, capturing the wonder of the night sky and the boundless tales it tells. In “Astral”, the spirit soars, transcending earthly bounds, and embracing the infinite. Each stitch, a star; each drape, a dream; manifesting a vision of cosmic elegance and otherworldly beauty. It’s not just a collection but a journey – a voyage across the astral plane, where soulmates and stars entwine. Behold the magic of the universe, reimagined. Join us in celebrating the luminous, the ethereal, the divine. 

Do you have a favourite dress this year?

My favorite dresses are Hypnotic and Sky. The Hypnotic gown for the lingerie inspiration and delicate lace and the Sky gown for the amazing textured organza sleeves.

How would you style them?

Both are perfect with a choker and naturally loose hair or a low bun with a light make-up. 

What is the quintessential Rime bride?

She is fearless and bold. She won’t be afraid of a slit, a sexy back or high heels. She will love having her hair down and not tied in a bun, and will want to wear stunning designer heels. She will prefer a gorgeous pair of statement earrings rather than a sweet flower comb.

But what matters the most, is that she will be unapologetically herself, no matter what people think.

She will be gorgeous because she is fiercely herself.

If you could pick one woman to style, who would it be?

All my friends, that I can’t wait to see getting married! As for celebs, I love Sienna Miller, Meghan Markle, Margot Robbie, Hailey Bieber. 

Best kept parisian secret?

Parisians don’t workout much for real. We just walk a lot in Paris, to do some cardio!

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