Margaux’s adventurous exploration produces everything from the bold and wild to ‘dreamy’ and romantic. An original designer bursting onto the bridal scene.

Price range: £3200 – £4900 // $4300 – $5300

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In Margaux's words

How would you describe this season’s collection?

For this new collection, we have created very poetic and couture dresses by playing with the contrast of embroideries with the draping of a crepe or chiffon. We also introduced new fabrics such as jacquard which brings a resolutely modern and couture look to the collection.

What was the inspiration?

This new collection is directly inspired by my childhood and more precisely by the vacations I spent every summer in my grandparents’ country house in Touraine. It’s a return to innocence, carefree, dreams…

Do you have a favourite dress this year?

I really like the AZAY gown which is a Jacquard dress with cut-outs at the waist that really underlines this part of the body that I find very feminine. It also has kimono sleeves that recall the New Look era of Dior.

How would you style it?

This dress has no lace or embroidery so I find that it can easily be accessorized with a veil or even a pendant that would highlight its pointed neckline.

What is the quintessential Margaux Tardits bride?

A bride who dares to be different and wear a dress with character. A bride who assumes her femininity and is not afraid to be stunning and sensual on her wedding day!

If you could pick one woman to style, who would it be?

Tilda Swinton or Rooney Mara

Best kept parisian secret?

The identical reproduction of Brancusi’s workshop by Renzo Piano at the Georges Pompidou center (Beaubourg).

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